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you are hearing over and over from the obama white house and other governments around the world. there is this concern that this might be working for bolivia, but when you look at it from a global standpoint, bolivia is not living up to obligations that it has pledged to work with other countries regarding security issues and violence. >> there is an alice in wonderland quality to the u.s. criticisms. because there is a global cocaine market, bolivia, even with the help of its neighbors, like brazil, it is not going to stop cocaine trafficking on its own. columbia has not stopped it and peru is not doing it. the question is, how can you manage in a way that does not cause -- colombia has not stopped it and peru is not doing it. bolivia has really good innovation. that does not mean they do not have enormous challenges. bolivia is a transit company for cocaine from peru to big markets in argentina and new york. it is more complicated than just production and consumer countries. it is more complicated than bolivia's doing a good job or not. -- bolivians do a good job or not. >> yo
, the obama white house in the fight on spending. >> so you think that you're going to win the next route? >> yeah on spending. >> reporter: it is one, two, three. the budget and then the debt ceiling. all grounds that play to the gop. >> when the president says that he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling that this is money that congress has already spent. pay your bills. is the gop really willing to shoot america's credit rating in the end? >> well is he willing to damage our credit rating to keep spending money that he doesn't have? >> it is a fight that has been going on since the presidency. and they plan to keep fighting. >> one democrat wrote in the newspaper today that when they voted to raise taxes, it rendered their anti-tax pledge. >>> new tonight at 11:00, a maryland woman vacationing in jamaica has died. she was 34-year-old vanessa brown riding in a car that slammed into a minibus. no one on the bus seriously hurt as the crash is under investigation. >>> the high school student is in critical condition tonight as they believe that the 18- year-old was pulled out of the sc
they are interested in, that is what obama white house wants. neil: i don't see the same thing with democrats, a greater deal with wars in middle east and iraq to question every penny, and every piece of waste which is fine. the question is money is spent, and whether it goes to wrong tank at wrong time to wrong regiment is fine, but you have to be level and fair about it you have to look after abuse and waste wherever it goes. and god fe forbid in a $6 billin package how they came up with that sum for the area, is beyond me, but you have to say, where are you spinning this money, heaven fore gid you discover that is -- forbid you disconservative it is going to places and events and low qualities not even remotely affected by sandy. >> a nice civics textbook idea that news media would look into a bill and see what is it in, and tell us what is it in. and ask if it is too much, and how much is paid by private insurance, but they are not doing it again we have a very littlpoliticize news media, thee not looking at facts. you have somebody like congressman peter king who condition scare off a ca
's what they're interested in. that's what the obama white house wants. >> neil: i'll tell you what i don't see the same treatment of democrats. there's a greater deal with the war going on in the middle east and iraq, what have you, to question every penny and every abuse and every piece, that's fine. the question whether money is spent and whether it goes to the wrong tank at the wrong time at the wrong regiment. all fine. but then you've got to be level and fair about it and you've got to look after abuse and waste where it's going. and god forbid in a 50 billion dollar package how they came up with the sum in the tri state area is beyond me. heaven forbid you question where the dough is going and heaven really forbid if you discover in this process that it's going to places and events and localities that were the not even remotely affected by sandy. you're not doing that, you're helping the people who really needed the money because they're getting screwed out of that. >> well, it's a nice civic textbook idea that the news media would actually look into a bill and see what's in it and
. this is president obama at the white house. do you notice something? there are no women in the picture. in fact women get paid less than men in the white house in the obama administration. there's no outrage about this. what about the war on women? monica and gerri react to this next. stuart: take a look at stocks this morning, just an hour -- what's this about 45 minutes into the trading session, a couple of hours after that jobs report was released. we're going nowhere for the market thus far. 16, 15 points higher for the dow. we have coin star, that's the company that has those red machines where you can rent a movie for a buck. projected better fourth quarter profits but its chief executive is retiring. must be a good ceo. the stock is down on that news. they want him to stay. the finish line, the chain store that sells sneakers reported lower than expected profits. it says it was hurt by higher costs, lower sales for its on-line business. shares of finish line are down 3%. endo healthcare saying revenues from its painkiller could -- [inaudible] -- because of competition from generics. endo
, suggests president obama is a disappointment. here's ignatius. "outfront" tonight, former white house deputy press secretary, bill burton. great to see both of you. bill, there were some pretty harsh words here, tough words. obviously, david ignatius saying, here's how the president could turn it around, but pretty frustrated with his leadership on fiscal issues. and of course, we just had a deal that ended up boosting spending and slashing revenue, which is not sort of the whole goal, right? so what do you think about david ignatius' point? the president needs to be bigger and come up with a plan? >> well, it's hard for me to see how somebody on the left, anybody who supports the president, could be disappointed with the deal that the president just got. think of what just happened. he got republicans to vote for a tax increase for the first time since 1990. he saved unemployment insurance, extended it, without having pay-fors in it. extended the earned income tax credit, extended the wind energy tax credit. and even got the rates back to where he wanted to get the rates. now, we're
and of course obama in the white house. those dynamics are the same. and i think there's some sort of sense that we got over the fiscal cliff, and that everything, you know, that was the toughest thing we've got. not even close. enormous battles coming up. if you enjoy watching a lot of tension, a lot of partisan fighting, get ready. it's coming. >> that has not changed. yesterday we also saw the leadership, though, remained the same with john boehner being reelected. first, let me ask you, was there any surprise to that? did anyone think that would be an upset in this stage of the game? >> no surprise. everyone thought john boehner would keep the gavel. two years ago, the vote was unanimous for him. this time it was not. 12 defections. some of those were expected. some of them were not. there was still -- he had some cushion there. there was no real threat to his speakership, mostly because there wasn't anybody who could have stepped up and won the support boehner has. that being said, the fiscal cliff, he has had a nightmare of a month, or couple of months. go back to the election, he was
of supervisors did a resolution. we had the mayor tweeting. there is also an official letter from the white house to acknowledge small business saturday, and hopefully you saw president obama out shopping with his family. and he did personal tweeting. so that was great and very exciting. >> i would like to comment and i want to thank regina, you and everybody in your office for promoting small business saturday. i was out in some of the neighbors and they were very pleased how your office was out there helping promote this. and i know several businesses said that, especially in the noe valley and upper market and costa, everybody is downtown shopping and that saturday they had a definite increase in business. 24th street i was down there and talking to some folks down there and they were saying that was one of their best after-thanksgiving distal saturday and i know on castro it was the same. so thank you to you and your office for promoting it. >> you are welcome. so this year we worked with women impacting public policy and wipp and sf travel came on and the chamber of commerce. so we want
, obama used the autopen in the white house to sign the legislation. >> the president of the united states is back on vacation in hawaii. meanwhile, just miles from where we're sitting, there are tens of thousands of people whose houses were destroyed by sandy. >> oloha and mahala, right? >> our commander in chief has since returned to his wonderful vacation in hawaii once again showing us that he simply does not have your best interest in mind. >> this is ridiculous. conservatives don't like what he does when he's working. but they also don't like what he does when he's not working. they don't like the fiscal cliff bill, but they also don't like how he signs the bill. after the big loss in the election, the gop should be trying to move ahead. instead, they're being distracted by birthers, right wingers and tv talkers. it would be funny if it weren't so sad. joining me now is abbey huntsman, host and producer of huffington post live and joe ma dayson, national radio host. thanks to both of you for being here tonight. >> and happy new year to you. >> happy new year to woet both of you. >> a
lost 112. unfortunately until today, management -- >> the white house released a statement attached by president obama to the controversial national defense authorization act that disputes the law's restriction on transferring prisoners out of guantanamo. obama signed despite opposing limits on prisoner transfers. he made a similar claim when he signed last year's version of the bill but it still has not delivered on -- but still has not delivered on promises to close guantanamo. "the new york times" is criticizing a decision by time warner cable to stop carrying current tv after it was purchased by al jazeera. in an editorial it called the move unfortunate, saying it could block access to an important news source. time warner dropped current tv within hours of its purchase by al jazeera, saying, "we are removing the service as quickly as possible." but the distributor appeared to change course thursday following a wave of criticism saying it would keep an open mind about possibly carrying al jazeera in the future. but president al gore, who owned 20% of current tv, made $100 millio
a full eight hours before flying an aircraft. >> pelley: thanks, michelle. the white house put out a remarkable photograph today of what president obama calls "the worst day" of his presidency. this is mr. obama in the oval office on december 14 as his homeland security advisor john brennan tells him that 26 people, including 20 first graders, were shot to death at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. today, newtown got a visit from a famous victim of gun violence and jim axelrod is there. >> reporter: this is former representative gabrielle giffords, accompanied by her husband mark kelley after meeting with local officials in newtown and families of those killed. those present want to keep the details private. on wednesday, giffords, america's highest profile living gunshot victim and kelley met with new york mayor michael bloomberg. he's been a vocal supporter of stricter gun control laws. but nowhere is the gun control debate more personal than newtown. desiree viauso has a fourth grader at sandy hook elementary and is friends with the family of josephine gay, a
obama is. there was speculation he would stay on the job longer with fiscal cliff negotiations only half done and another debt ceiling site on the horizon. the white house chief of staff jack lew is the front runner now to succeed him. >> secretary of state clinton is ready to get back to work after three days in a hospital. her spokesman says she will be back on the job next week. she was treated for blood clot she suffered on sunday that stemmed from a concussion and she suffered a last month when she fell. >> the house and senate will convene a joint session of congress today and to count electoral ballots from the presidential election. a federal judge in california rejected a challenge by birthers in their latest attempt to overturn the presidency of president obama. the judge rejected a request to allow a florida man to testify about alleged inconsistencies and the typeface on the birth certificate? that the president released. the presidential inaugural committee has launched an online store. a retail store will open later this month at 1165 f street in northwest. they offer offic
some jobs created for the folks. >> christine romans thanks for that analysis. >>> president obama waking up in hawaii this morning but the economy will hold at least some of his attention today and not just because of the jobs report. white house correspondent dan lothian joins us from honolulu. what is the spin thus far from the white house? what are they saying about this report? >> reporter: well victor we're still waiting for official response from the white house, but we can expect a similar reaction to what happens when other job reports have come out in past months and that is that look, the economy is now adding jobs, jobs are not being taken away, that the economy is moving in the right direction, but that there's a lot more work to be done. we've heard the president talk about how he's not going to rest until every american who wants to work is able to get a job. we also expect that they will talk about how the actions that the president has taken continue be to help the struggling economy, and that's why the president is trying to do things like provide relief for middl
of super storm sandy as i just mentioned. looming large on the horizon immigration reform. president obama has said repeatedly immigration will be a priority in his second term. after all, hispanic voters helped him retake the white house. that was clearly a wakeup call for republicans who have been trying to win over hispanics albeit with limited success. just yesterday, homeland security secretary janet napolitano announced a new rule that will make it easier for families to stay together during the long green card process. james rosen is live in washington with more. james, break down this new rule for us. what are they talking about here? >> well, jon, the department of homeland security tells fox news that they expect upwards of 25,000 illegal immigrants to seek to take advantage of this relaxed rule this year. those who came here illegally but who, let's say, married an american citizen, have a clean criminal record and can prove a hardship by their extended absence will no longer have to leave the u.s. for both application for a green card. during stage i,applying for what's called
for president obama's second term. one source telling cnn the white house has told some senior members of congress to expect the president to nominate chuck hagel as the new defense secretary with another source calling the nomination, quote, locked down. our chief political analyst, gloria borger, has the news for us. she's been breaking the story for us. what are sources specifically telling you? >> to expect the nomination of chuck hagel as secretary of defense probably next week, maybe early next week. this is something that we've been reporting has been out there. he's been at the top of the list since about mid december. there were some people who believe that after the president withdrew the rice nomination or she withdrew herself for the nomination as secretary of state, that there would be some concern about a fight over chuck hagel, who is a republican but also controversial because in the past, he has been against sanctions for iran and for talking for hamas, the pro-israel lobby is dead set against him. but in the end, i was told as you just said that some senior lawmakers
. >>> the white house is already preparing for the next budget showdown. president obama will face that challenge without a key member of his cabinet. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. that's right. there's more fiscal battles just around the corner. $110 billion in spending cuts, authorization for federal spending expires, and the nation reaches the debt ceiling limit. but it looks like president obama will be going into this fight with a new treasury secretary. treasure secretary timothy geithner, a major player in the budget and the debt ceiling has made it clear he wants out after the inauguration. a treasury official says treasury secretary geithner had previously stated he plans to be around until the inauguration. he told the president he wanted to leave in mid-2011. he stayed through the november re-election at president obama's request but has made no secret of his intention to leave before the next round is complete. >> have you agreed to stay until march or april? >> i have agreed to stay until mid-january. and i think the president is going to have a successor in p
struggles, i returned to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead. >> that's president obama delivering his victory speech on election night. in the end, the race wasn't even close despite the poor state of the economy. mitt romney never had a chance. i spoke to gop contenders feasting on their own during one of the primaries. isn't the american way that if somebody gives you a smack on the nose, you eventually have to smack them back? and isn't it time now for you to accept that this negativity has pounded you into a position whereas much as you'd like to keep it positive, isn't it time you get the old gingrich fist out and give romney a good old smack. >> henry truman when he was so far behind that gallup quit tooking polls mid-september, the crowd will yell out, give them hell, harry. and he said i just give them the truth and it hurts like hell. i think mitt romney is such clearly a moderate and he's done so many defensible things in the primary, i don't have to go negative. all i have to do is point
the time of president obama's inauguration january 20th even if there isn't a deal to raise the debt ceiling. the 51-year-old has been a key figure in fiscal cliff talks. white house chief of staff yord to be in the lead for that job. >> lawmakers took an oath of office. the house reelected john boehner as speaker. among those sworn in were two from the bay area, jared houghman. the district covers the north coast to oregon border and eric swalwell, representing california's new 15th district, peting incumbent, pete stark. it's expected to be a challenging first few months for lawmakers with several deadlines looming. here in washington it's out with the old, in with the new. do you swear and affirm you'll support the united states of the united states? >> the congress was sworn n it's a diverse gru. there are 81 women in the house and a record number of female senators, 20. age taijing the oath of office, the first hindu member, first butdist senator and first openly gay senator. republicans still control the house but with a smaller majority. democrats built on majority by picking
will learn to read. a number of nis organization reported that president obama will follow nature chuck hagel to be secretary of defense next week. but there was no official confirmation from the white house. this latest news caps several weeks of a public campaign for and against hagel's nomination. ray is back with this story. >> hagel says military action is not a viable, feasible, responsible option. president obama-- for secretary of defense, chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> suarez: former nebraska senator chuck hagel has not, so far, been nominated for the top pentagon job, but attacks like this tv ad began shortly after news accounts named hagel the frontrunner. they focus mostly on whether he's sufficiently pro-israel. >> there is an incredible level of concern about the kind of secretary of defense he would be, based on his foreign policy views and his foreign policy record, and the things he's said over the past dozen years of his political career. >> suarez: noah pollak is executive director of the emergency committee for israel, which produced the tv ad. under federal l
that president obama will follow nature chuck hagel to be secretary of defense next week. but there was no official confirmation from the white house. this latest news caps several weeks of a public campaign for and against hagel's nomination. ray is back with this story. >> hagel says military action is not a viable, feasible responsible option. president obama-- for secretary of defense, chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> suarez: former nebraska senator chuck hagel has not, so far, been nominated for the top pentagon job, but attacks like this tv ad began shortly after news accounts named hagel the frontrunner. they focus mostly on whether he's sufficiently pro-israel. >> there is an incredible level of concern about the kind of secretary of defense he would be, based on his foreign policy views and his foreign policy record, and the things he's said over the past dozen years of his political career. >> suarez: noah pollak is executive director of the emergency committee for israel, which produced the tv ad. under federal law, the committee does not have to dis
. >>> president barack obama choosing supreme court chief justice john roberts it swear him in for a second term. roberts will administer the oath at the white house january the 20th and again the following day at the inauguration ceremony at the capital. justice sonia sotomayor will adminer vice president joe biden's oath of office. those are the headlines. now back to ashley. ashley: anna kooiman with fox. anna, appreciate it. >>> despite the looming fiscal cliff, the wall street is at lowest level in three months. what is the vix trying to tell us? sandra smith will tell us with the story in today's trade. >> a lot of traders are saying that this is the market telling us folks are pretty complacent what is happening with the fiscal cliff, about the looming debt crisis. they're not all together concerned which for traders that could be indication, contrarian, theory, we could see the stock turn around, from the big rally, look t vix index right now. janet, this is volatility index, for the technical watchers out there, this measures implied volatility on s&p stock options. for those who aren'
wouldn't be an interesting thing do. to do not just this sat fire of -- satire of the white house you get on saturday night live, but, you know, to do . >> hopefully not having to do with a major terrorist attack. >> but do to scare do the obama story while obama is in office. >> which is with a we can . >> which is what you with tony blair. it takes a lot of balls to do that. >> a film that was in development came to jack kennedy, and i remember, you know, looking at and it was, you know, very much exploring the area of the women and all that kind of stuff. and i was aware that this was such bsh cause now dealing not just with fact '02 dealing with myth tholings and the american what kennedy represents and idolizes and going to the darkest side what it could do and open up and kind of i thought it's too much. and it has to be handled. i didn't think that every project like that that has been around but i certainly come across i don't think anybody has been ant to handle that in a way i felt comfortable about getting involved in. you have to be aware that you're opening up a massive can o
and politics. mr. axelrod advice president obama during both presidential campaigns, as was his four years in the white house. held at the university of chicago, this is an hour and a half. >> one of the best things about sitting here across from you having this conversation tonight, for all of us had been part of the institute staff, we have been i think wondering what you've been thinking, what this experience has been like for you over the last year and a half, two years. and so tonight we get a chance to hear for the first time what this campaign and your reaction has been. >> thank you very much. also i want to thank dean boyer for the incredible support the university has given the institute of politics, including making it possible for us to hire such extraordinary people such as steve edwards and aaron and all the others who are working on this. [applause] >> thank you. is you been one of what i've been doing, i've been wondering what you've been doing. >> we've got to catch up. >> exactly. >> let's jump to i think that the question that republicans are wondering. disappointed by t
. >> in national news chief justice john roberts will swear in president barack obamas for a second term later this month. >> theial inaugural committee says roberts will administer the oath of office at the white house on january 20th as required and the constitution. >> says that is a sunday, roberts also the swearing in at a public inaugural ceremony 10 or 21st at the u.s. capitol. >> supreme court justice sonia sotomayor will swear in vice president joe biden. >> the state department says secretary of state hillary clinton plans to return to work next week after being treated for blood clot in her head. >> mrs. clinton is resting at home this morning. a spokeswoman said she is " sounded terrific, upbeat and bring to go. >> a rare day is been been set for return to washington next week. >> doctors expect mrs. clinton met for recovery and have advised her to avoid international travel. >> if the federal government has approved california plan to run its own health- insurance market. >> a milestone in the state effort to meet requirements of the national health care reform law. >> california
this one. >> this is robert gibbs and the president, who were coming back to the white house, driving the chevy volt. he told the president about it and the president took it for a spin. >> this speaks for itself, president obama sitting on the rosa sparks bus. >> from 2012, cozy corners restaurant in oak harbor, ohio. the president said he was eating some pie. anybody want some pie? this little boy took him up on the offer, came over and took a big bite. >> from aaugust 8, 2012, an 8-year-old girl, make a wish girl just overcome with emotion, getting to meet the president. >> and the final one, trick or treater outside the oval office pretending to be spiderman. the secret service tackled that little kid right after this. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat t
with me. of course! that might begin to explain why those c.e.o.s at the white house the other day were so incredibly cooperative with the government. >> some of the nations top c.e.o.s urging washington to avoid the fiscal cliff. they were meeting with president obama. >> i think you'll start to see the president exercise some more leadership here and be more out front on everything, getting across that point about how we need to work together. >> the business round table, a lobbying group of the countries c.e.o.'s began running print radio and web spots for democrats and republicans to set aside their differences. >> why do they want to raise taxes a little bit for the top bracket? because in the deal, it turns out, they were given an incredible tax break in so many areas. led me start small. nascar lobbied, $300,000 worth and international speedway corporation spent 1.1 million. the loophole they got in return gives them $141 million through 2007. you might spend $1.1 million too if you would get that back. hollywood, huge donor to the democratic party got a loophole, $150 million worth
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